No husband? No problem. In 2008 you can search the Internet for the perfect father for your baby. With a few clicks of a mouse like you shop for sweaters online, you can order a vial of donor sperm and could be a single mother in nine months. Sound simple? I thought so.

I never would have imagined myself in this situation, but find myself in my late thirties, with no partner and my biological clock ticking away. Though thrilled to at least have an option to have a baby on my own, as I learn more about it, the possible pitfalls and questions seem to multiply.

What is the definition of family and what is the role of the "father?" What are the responsibilities of sperm banks and what rights do donors have? How do these donor-conceived children understand their origins and identities? Instead, should single women like me give up the family dream or settle for "Mr. Good Enough" if we want a family?

I begin in my own city of New York and then make my way across the country talking with single women and mothers, sperm donors, donor-conceived children and my own friends and family. In these discussions I attempt to work through the pros and cons of single motherhood via donor-insemination, expand definitions of family, and understand the nuances of this growing trend of alternative families.

SINGLE CHOICE: MANY LIVES is this bittersweet journey - my own investigation of these concerns from the varied viewpoints of those whom this choice most deeply affects.