"What ‘The Back-Up Plan’ Gets Wrong About Single Mothers"
by Claudia Kalb

"A powerful and provocative look at reproductive medicine and single motherhood. Hundhausen takes viewers into the complex world of anonymous sperm donors, the women who choose them, and the children they create. What makes the film so compelling is the filmmaker’s ability to pull the lens back on her subjects and, at the same time, get close-up and personal. Through her subjects’ voices - and her own story - Hundhausen exposes the ethical, practical and emotional challenges. And she lets them linger. SINGLE CHOICE: MANY LIVES is an important film and a critical contribution to our understanding of what women will go through to become mothers and what happens when they do."

— Claudia Kalb, Senior Writer, Newsweek


"The Gift of Sperm Donor 8282" by Jane Margolies

A May 21st (2010) article in The New York Times makes mention of SINGLE CHOICE: MANY LIVES, in a story about the new book Three Wishes.



"Thank you for providing this extremely honest, up-close and personal look at what is an agonizing decision for tens of thousands of single women every year. There is nothing glib about proactively deciding to build a family on your own. It's stressful. It's immensely rewarding. And thanks to your film, more women will have the opportunity to understand the pros and cons of Choice Motherhood at a much deeper level."

— Mikki Morrissette, founder,, author of "Choosing Single Motherhood," editor of "Voices of Donor Conception"

“Many good docs take complex subjects and simplify them. Audiences learn that a thicket wasn’t so thick after all. Sometimes, though, a skilled filmmaker like Anne Catherine Hundhausen pulls off an even neater trick: Starting with what seems like a relatively simple issue – in this case, artificial insemination - she slowly and artfully reveals layer after layer of nuance and complexity. When she has completed her rich tableau of donors, recipients, donor-conceived children, and donation facilities, we are left agonizing over nothing less than the most fundamental questions of how and why we choose to have children. Hundhausen’s refusal to provide simple answers could not be more provocative.”

— Steve Gorelick, Ph.D., Hunter College

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